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2012 Australian Grand Prix: Jenson Button Draws First Blood

After the closely contested qualifying session of the 2012 Australian Grand Prix (Read post: 2012 Australian Grand Prix Qualifying Report) the race was expected to be exciting with most fans not knowing what to expect! Would the Mclarens trot to victory or would it be a Schumacher win with Grosjean being the dark horse? Also, would Red Bull Racing emerge faster in race pace and what about the ailing Ferraris?

2012 Australian Grand Prix Qualifying: Hamilton Secures 21st Career Pole

A superb start to the 2012 Formula1 season! If you’ve been following pre-season testing and the lead up to the 2012 Australian Grand Prix, you would agree that there was little that one could judge about the relative pace of the top teams. Sometimes we saw a Red Bull on top and the other times a Mclaren or a Mercedes but never a Ferrari! This lack of relativity increased as your went further down the grid to the mid-field teams. Sauber, Sahara Force India, Lotus, Williams and even Toro Rosso showed top pace at different times in the off-season giving the fans and even Formula1 experts a hard time to make any pre-season predictions!

2011 Australian Grand Prix – Vettel Wins, Petrov Rises and Perez Impresses

Sebastian Vettel stomped his authority on the 2011 Australian Grand Prix and going by his domination on track he may well have stomped his authority on the 2011 Formula1 season. Jumping the gun, am I? Possibly yes! But if you were to map his pace against his rivals, you will agree that we might just [...]

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