Max Verstappen, Talent Of The Century

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Lewis Hamilton must be pissed with Niki Lauda for two reasons – first, Lauda blamed Hamilton for the Mercedes collision and second, Lauda called Max Verstappen the ‘talent of the century.’ Well, for that compliment, even Sebastian Vettel must be pissed!

Max Verstappen’s maiden race victory on his Red Bull Racing debut gives us plenty to cheer about. We heard the Dutch national anthem on the Formula 1 podium for the first time ever and it seems fans should get used to hearing this anthem very often.

The ‘Civil War’ that broke out on track between the Mercedes drivers – who was to blame? We give you our view, but we wonder if the Lauda-Hamilton bromance has actually come to a premature end.

Did Red Bull Racing favour a Verstappen win over Ricciardo? For a brand built on ‘shock marketing’, a Verstappen win would and was perfect PR for their ‘Gives You Wings’ tagline. Horner has labelled Verstappen as the ‘future’ of Red Bull Racing – will they now chase the Formula 1‘s ‘Youngest World Champion’ record? And where does this leave Ricciardo?

We find amusement in Alonso’s lack of power (yes, it’s still funny), Kimi racing against both generations of Verstappens and Vettel’s cranky rants. Also, is Red Bull Racing Ferrari’s Young Drivers’ Program?

Tune in!

(Season 2016, Episode 16)


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Comments (3)

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  • May 25, 2016 at 3:48 am huzefa jawadwala

    I agree totally with Kunal, Kimi (being a die- hard fan it pains me to write this) the fact that Mithila, and me included were overjoyed with his podium; it doesnt change the fact that it was in fact just a podium. I am happy Ferrari did not force him into a crazy maneuver like last time (from a couple of seasons ago on Botas at the Russian Gp) However, for me this just reflected how he is way past his prime. I hope Ferrari doesnt renew his contract because they generally take emotional decisions (Luca Badoer) which tend to blow up in their face.

    • May 25, 2016 at 6:33 am Kunal Shah

      Thanks, Huzefa. Let’s hope that Ferrari pick up Sainz Jr. or Ricciardo. With Red Bull Racing claiming that Max is their future, I am sure these drivers would be happy to look out.


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