17: WHAT IF Ecclestone Buys F1 Back From Liberty Media?

17: WHAT IF Ecclestone Buys F1 Back From Liberty Media?


In this week’s episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast (https://bit.ly/insidelinef1pod) , we discuss a few WHAT IF scenarios. What if Mercedes leaves Formula 1? What if Nico Rosberg makes a comeback? What if the entire grid were to get Ferrari’s power units? What if Stroll-Wolff buy Formula 1 from Liberty Media? OR what if Bernie Ecclestone buys Formula 1 back from Liberty Media? ECC’s said that he’s not interested…but again, do you really believe that he isn’t?
What if Sebastian Vettel doesn’t renew with Ferrari? What if Renault leaves Formula 1? Worse, what if Haas leave? Will Liberty Media get Guenther Steiner a management role in another team on the grid? He’s the star of Drive to Survive, after all. We’ve got a crazy episode lined up, so tune in!
(Season 2020, Episode 17)
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Here’s what’s in store for you in this episode:
0:00-3:00 – WHAT IF Mercedes were to leave Formula 1? Will everyone get Ferrari power units?
3:00-6:00 – Liberty Media WILL get Lewis Hamilton a seat at Ferrari…that’s IF Mercedes leave Formula 1. WHAT IF Sebastian Vettel doesn’t renew with Ferrari?
6:00-9:00 – Could Vettel go off to Mclaren or will he plead Red Bull Racing to take him back? Has Formula 1 moved on from Fernando Alonso?
9:00-12:00 – WHAT IF Nico Rosberg returns to Formula 1 with Ferrari? WHAT IF Renault decide to leave Formula 1? In fact, could this be the best time for them to leave without causing much peripheral damage?
12:00-15:00 – WHAT IF Haas leave Formula 1? Will Netflix urge Liberty Media to retain Guenther Steiner in a management role with another team?
15:00-18:00 – WHAT IF Daniel Ricciardo goes back to Red Bull Racing? WHAT IF Red Bull Racing leave Formula 1?
18:00-21:00 – Ferrari haven’t raced in all Formula 1 Grands Prix held till date, did you know? We tell you how many races were missed + the reasons for why Ferrari didn’t race in them.
21:00-24:00 –  WHAT IF Stroll-Wolff buy Formula 1 from Liberty Media? They are Formula 1’s new power couple! WHAT IF Bernie Ecclestone buys Formula 1 back from Liberty Media?
24:00-27:00 – WHAT WILL Netflix’s Drive To Survive Season 3 showcase of the 2020 Formula 1 season? Should drivers be pulled up for dangerous driving in the virtual world, too?
27:00-end – Did you know: Formula 1 cars have been suffering from obesity since 2013…?
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Kunal Shah is an FIA-accredited Formula 1 journalist who has been reporting on Formula 1 for nearly two decades. He worked with the Force India Formula 1 Team for 6 seasons in Marketing, Sponsorship and Commercial roles. As a former single-seater racer, he was responsible for Force India's grassroots talent program, One from a Billion Hunt. Presently, he co-writes a regular Formula 1 column for Firstpost, speaks on Inside Line F1 Podcast & Pits to Podium and produces broadcast/OTT content for NENT Group (Viasport & Viaplay).

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