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Betting Odds For 2020 Formula 1 World Championships Are Out!

Max Verstappen has favourable odds to excel in the 2020 Formula 1 World Championship

Formula 1 is the world’s most elite racing sport. Some of the best drivers are competing for the number 1 spot across 20+ races around the globe. Intelligence, reflexes, teamwork, fast decision-making and politics are some of the characteristics that every driver needs to master if they want to compete and excel in the sport.

Apart from being talented drivers, Formula 1 racers are often seen as role models to young kids and people who are big fans of the sport. Some of the most legendary racers like Michael Schumacher, Kimi Raikkonen, Mika Hakkinen, Niki Lauda and others continue to inspire the future generation of drivers.

As good as it is to honour the legends, there are new drivers and future stars in the sport’s pipeline. While not exhaustive, here are some of the most obvious names that are waiting to propel into superstardom! But before we take a look at the list, let’s check out the current state of the 2019 World Drivers’ Championship.

Current State

Lewis Hamilton has cemented his legacy in Formula 1 and he’s far from done. He just won his 6th title and there is little doubt that he’s on his way to becoming the sport’s G.O.A.T at least statistically. He could claim his 7th title in 2020, but here are some open odds for the 2020 World Championship. Daniil Kvyat’s odds to be the champion, for example, are 7/2. Kimi Raikkonen has odds sitting at 3000/1, along with Magnussen, Carlos Sainz, and Daniel Ricciardo.

If we exclude Hamilton from the list, Leclerc is the number one favorite for the title. His odds are 4/9. Vettel comes in second with 7/2, and Max Verstappen is 4th – his odds are 4/1. There are also some bets as to who will be the winning team. Some bookies even have certain bonuses on bets which allow you to make an even bigger profit. When searching for those bookies, it is helpful to read some reviews about them. Bet365 is among the best in the business. If you are willing to find out more about this online bookie, you can read bet365 betting review at

There are open odds for many other results as well. For example, the odds of Lando Norris to finish on the podium on any race is 10/1. That same option is available for George Russel as well. His odds are currently sitting at 25/1.

Now, lets head over to some of the young talents in the sport who are destined to shine in the near future.

Charles Leclerc

Leclerc caught everybody off guard this season. At the age of 22, he managed to win 2 races and achieve 4 poles in a row. Although he has some problems off the track, the youngster has outperformed top drivers and is set to have a fantastic season in 2020.

Esteban Ocon

Currently serving as a reserve driver, the 23-year-old French national made his F1 debut in 2016. Even though Ocon hasn’t won a race, experts are believing that he is a potential future star in the F1 world. Recently, he signed a new deal with Renault and will serve as their driver from 2020.

Mick Schumacher

Michael Schumacher’s son is currently competing in Formula 2. He is proving that the racing spirit runs deep in the family. Mick showed exceptional skills and love for the sport and is seen as a racer that has the potential to expand the Schumacher legacy in Formula 1. But fans will have to wait till 2021 at least to see the Schumacher name back in Formula 1.

Max Verstappen

Verstappen is already a star in the sport, even though he is just 22 years old. He is one of the best drivers in the championship. He said that next season’s title will be his and vowed to fight Hamilton for top honours. Judging from his performances, he is a true contender and a legend in the making.


Kunal Shah is an FIA-accredited Formula 1 journalist who has been reporting on Formula 1 for nearly two decades. He worked with the Force India Formula 1 Team for 6 seasons in Marketing, Sponsorship and Commercial roles. As a former single-seater racer, he was responsible for Force India's grassroots talent program, One from a Billion Hunt. Presently, he co-writes a regular Formula 1 column for Firstpost, speaks on Inside Line F1 Podcast & Pits to Podium and produces broadcast/OTT content for NENT Group (Viasport & Viaplay).

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