It Was A Lewis Hamilton Week In Formula 1


Lewis Hamilton – the momentum has been in his favour in the last week. He equalled and then beat Michael Schumacher’s all-time pole position record. He beat Ferrari at home and played spoilsport to their ’70 Years At Ferrari’ celebrations; and by doing so, he overtook Sebastian Vettel in the Drivers’ Championship – he now leads by 3 points.
This is the first time in the 2017 Formula 1 Season that Hamilton has led the Drivers’ Championship. Yes, there’s something strange about this fact, especially because the Hamilton-Mercedes combination has been consistently quick all through the season. However, this is what you get when you go up against Sebastian Vettel. Even though he’s been in the second-fastest car at most of the races, he’s lost little ground on tracks that haven’t favoured the Ferrari and hence the neck-to-neck fight in the Drivers’ Championship.
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But the 2017 Italian Grand Prix was another level of defeat for Ferrari. They were comprehensively out-qualified on Saturday and finished the race 30 seconds off Mercedes’ pace. But post-race, Vettel still wore a smile on his face, maybe he knows something we don’t. However, Sergio Marchionne was convinced that Ferrari were under-prepared for the race in terms of car setup because it did seem strange to most that the fastest car last Sunday was far away from the fastest cars this Sunday. Maybe Ferrari brought their 2016 car to the 2017-edition of their home race?


Force India and Williams scored double points, but it was their rookie drivers that out-performed their seasoned veterans. The 2017 Italian Grand Prix was a good advertisement of Esteban Ocon’s talent and this is maybe why Sergio Perez has been acting the way he is each time Ocon is around him on-track.

In Formula 1, Customer Is NEVER King

Mclaren-Honda had yet another disastrous show and everyone is now waiting for the Mclaren-Renault announcement which could be followed by Fernando Alonso’s extension with the Woking-based team. However, would having a Honda engine in the Toro Rosso cars help advance Red Bull Racing’s Young Driver Programme? Imagine having a program that has a racing team that is unable to compete on terms with the grid or finish races. But we’ll let this headache be for the Red Bull Racing team.

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