Best On & Off-Track Moments From The 2017 F1 Season


It’s that time of the year. While we wait for news on Robert Kubica, teams are busy preparing for Christmas. Hopefully, they’ve put some time aside for their 2018 challengers too! But it is also that time of the year when compilations of the best moments from the year are released. Here are ours!
Mithila Mehta and I have partnered with Firstpost for the 2017 Formula 1 Season and will feature in their Firstpost Pole Position videos all through the season. Basically, we’re now available in text, audio and video! 

The 2017 Formula 1 Season was an anti-climax. But there are plenty of interesting stories to re-live and discuss. In this week’s episode of the Firstpost Pole Position, we discussed our best moments – on and off the track. Yes, I think Max Verstappen’s overtake of Kimi Raikkonen gets the vote – for the best off-track moment.
We also discussed the most unusual moment from the season, along with the most humourous one. This was also Liberty Media’s first race as new-owners – how well did they fare? What should they focus on for the coming seasons? They’ve fixed (and are still fixing) the marketing aspect of Formula 1, but it is the product that will take most time to fix, and will also ruffle more than a few features. Hours after this episode went live, Liberty Media announced that they will work on circuit tweaks to ensure that our chances of processional are minimised! I’m glad they’re listening – to us! 😉
In this episode, I believe that the toughest question to answer was ‘describe the 2017 season in one word’! Go ahead, give it a try and leave a comment in the comments section below.
In the next episode, we will discuss our expectations from 2018 – who to look out for, what we hope happens and most importantly, what could happen in the 2018 silly season.
Also, towards the end of the year, we will have our annual feature and much-awaited – Inside Line F1 Podcast Awards. Remember to tune-in!

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