2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Podcast

The Formula1 podcasts that RJ Rishi Kapoor and I have been recording have been well accepted and here is our attempt for the 2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix podcast. Your feedback is most welcome.
Points covered in the podcast:
–          Last race of the season – withdrawal symptoms to resurface?
–          Lewis Hamilton’s drive in Abu Dhabi and is Hamilton missing Ron Dennis?
–          Who are Lewis’ best friends at the races?
–          Jenson Button’s Abu Dhabi race: with Alonso and minus his KERS
–          Mercedes engine cars and their performance
–          Mark Webber’s radical strategy – why did Red Bull Racing attempt that?
–          Sebastian Vettel’s retirement – Pirelli deny it was a tyre failure, so what was the real reason?
–          Double-DRS in Abu Dhabi – does it work?
–          The famous pit-lane exit at the Yas Marina circuit – what do you do if someone crashes?
–          A look forward to the 2011 Brazilian GP – Red Bull and Mclaren fight again?
–          2011 Brazilian GP – Massa’s chance to shine at his home ground?
–          Will Kimi Raikkonen make a comeback with Williams next year?

Click to listen to the 2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Post Race Podcast

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