Series: If F1 Teams Were A Stock (Buy, Sell Or Hold For 2021?)

In the ‘If F1 Teams Were A Stock’ series, we discuss if one should ‘buy, sell or hold’ the stock of a Formula 1 team for the 2021 Formula 1 season.

Before dishing out ‘investment advice’, we take into account factors that strengthen every team’s championship challenge in 2021 and the factors that are weak links. Of course, there are no real shares to trade – the likes of Stroll, Wolff, Mateschitz, etc. own them all. But if you could, would you buy, sell or hold the stock of each of the Formula 1 teams? In the past, we’ve told you why ‘NOW is the right time to invest in a Formula 1 team‘.

Join us as we take a different approach to evaluate team form and make our predictions for the 2021 Formula 1 season. The series is split into ten episodes (obviously!) and each one of the episodes are published below. You are welcome to listen to your favourite team(s) or all of them and base your predictions for the upcoming season. If you like what you hear, leave us a rating and review on your podcast / audio-streaming app.

This is a Pits to Podium exclusive on the Inside Line F1 Podcast with Soumil and Kunal being your hosts for the entire ‘If F1 Teams Were A Stock’ series.

(Season 2021)

Williams Racing – Russell’s Stock More Valuable Than The Team’s?

Mercedes – Buy, At A Premium, If So
Mclaren – Mercedes & Ricciardo At To Stock Value
Haas F1 Team – Schumacher The Key Factor?
Aston Martin Racing – Inflated Stock Price?
Alfa Romeo Racing – Testing Form Sparks Life Into Stock
Alpha Tauri – Tsunoda & Japanse F1 Fans Driving Up Stock Value
Alpine – Alonso The X-Factor
Ferrari – Stock Will Rise Through 2021
Red Bull Racing – Verstappen-Perez, Honda & Hope

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