Ferrari Should Sign Max Verstappen


In this week’s episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, Mithila and Kunal tell you why Ferrari should sign up Max Verstappen at the expense of letting go the yet-to-find-form Kimi Raikkonen. Ferrari have almost never hired a driver this young, but by now we all know that Verstappen is worth the exception.
We explain why there’s no ‘crisis in Formula 1‘ and wonder what Haas Racing’s real pace is. As we THANK GOD that Flavio Briatore isn’t Bernie Ecclestone’s successor, we wonder if Formula 1 needs a Narendra Modi too?
The dubious qualifying format, Pirelli tyres, Ferrari vs. Mercedes – so much to look forward to in Bahrain, including Toro Rosso scoring their first points ever? And obviously, there’s no incentive to race to the podium in Bahrain for Kimi Raikkonen (we tell you why!).
And finally, did Kunal crack his best F1 joke ever in this episode? Tune in and find out.
(Season 2016, Episode 09)

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