What Is The ONE Change Formula 1 Needs In 2018?


There’s a lot of anticipation for the 2018 Formula 1 Season already. Will we see a season-long Ferrari vs. Mercedes battle? Will Red Bull Racing join the fun at the top? And what about Mclaren-Renault? Also, if Mclaren resurrect and so do Renault, will Force India be able to retain 4th place in the Constructors’ Championship?
Mithila Mehta and I have partnered with Firstpost for the 2017 Formula 1 Season and will feature in their Firstpost Pole Position videos all through the season. Basically, we’re now available in text, audio and video! 

The 2018 Formula 1 Season will also see some of the best drivers from the junior categories line up on the Formula 1 grid. Apart from Marcus Ericsson and maybe Lance Stroll (he’s on the boundary, for us!), all the other drivers are deserving of their seats – this means that in the product of Formula 1 for 2018, the driver line-up is perfect. How will the cars, circuits and other key aspects of the product fall in place though?
In this week’s episode of the Firstpost Pole Position, we discuss what fans would expect from Formula 1 in 2018. Amidst the NASCAR vs. Formula 1 way, 5-star Michelin restaurant vs. McDonald’s comparisons, there’s a serious need to change certain key aspects of the product of Formula 1. We listed these aspects as circuits, prize money, engines, tyres, budgets and most importantly, the politics of the sport and business of Formula 1. You are welcome to hear our views in this episode.
In their first year as new owners, Liberty Media have done well to fix the marketing aspect of the sport – and here, I would list more than just opening up their attitudes towards social media. I would also talk about the F1 Live in London, hosting the drivers’ parade in Milan for the Italian Grand Prix, getting Usain Bolt to the start grid and more. However, marketing is also the easiest to fix, but now that they have, it is time to look at the other aspects. In fact, for Liberty Media’s sake, even the logo is fixed, so will you please fix other aspects of Formula 1 too?
If you have specific comments on what the sport needs to fix, feel free to add it in the comments below.

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