2011 Indian Grand Prix Podcasts

I had started podcasts a few weeks back but due to erratic work schedules leading up to the inaugural Indian Grand Prix, I have been unable to live up to the commitment of recording a podcast every week. I am working on it and should be sorted soon.
Once again, a BIG thank you to RJ Rishi Kapoor for co-hosting this blog with me.
Podcast 1: (Description: Buddh International Circuit – the good and the bad; Michael Schumacher’s driving; Hermann Tilke’s design; Why turn 4 could be the best; Red Bull and Mclaren fight on Race Day?; Sahara Force India’s home GP; How to enjoy your first ever F1 GP)
Podcast 2: (Formula1 cars – how similar and how different are they from each other?; What is Formula1? Top speeds, fitness and the mileage of an F1 car)
Podcast 3: (How do drivers prepare for a new race?; Weather in Delhi – how will it affect the cars?; How teams cope with entering the unknown; track simulations and how they work)

Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

  1. monaco grand prix says:

    You did a great job and it was fun watching f1 race and in india it’s great as it joined f1 club.

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