2012 Formula1 Podcast: Alonso, Perez, Massa And More

So RJ Rishi Kapoor and I went recording our Formula1 podcast last week after the 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix and here’s a summary of what we discussed:

–          Alonso’s surprise win; did Ferrari send a message to Sauber to slowdown Perez?

–          Ferrari, Mercedes, Mclaren, Lotus, Red Bull – is the pecking order in Formula1 about who manages their tyres better?

–          And of course, Narain Karthikeyan’s incidents with Button and Vettel – what is with Vettel!

–          We tried speaking about Grosjean and the 4 laps he’s driven in the two races yet and of course Raikkonen’s comeback

–          The mid-field fight, how tight it really is and who will come out on top?

–          And the BIG Q – when will the Massa / Perez swap actually happen?

Hear it all on our 2012 Formula1 Podcast

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