2012 Formula1 Podcast: Hamilton Or Button In China?

Hear our latest Formula1 Podcast as I literally go about waking up a dozed-off-waiting-for-Formula1-action RJ Rishi Kapoor. Here’s what we discussed in our latest podcast:

–          Back to back Formula1 GPs and they’re fun!
–          Has Bahrain taken away China’s Formula1 thunder by being in the news for all the wrong reasons?
–          All we hope for is a 20 race calendar in the 2012 Formula1 season
–          Pre-China, we discuss possible weather and make a few predictions for qualifying and the race

  • Will Mercedes be able to extract race pace?
  • Can Hamilton finally beat Button and win a race this year?
  • Red Bulls, Ferrari and the others!
  • With Group Lotus pulling out of Lotus F1 Team, will they become slower as the season progresses?

–          And of course, we also speak about and applaud Indian-owned motorcycling team Mahindra Racing’s performance in Moto3 and the Italian Championship last weekend!

Hear our 2012 Formula1 Podcast

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