F1 2020: Fake Fans & Fake Crowd Noise, Too?

Fake F1 fans & maybe fake crowd noise, too? Will F1 include these in their TV broadcast?

Red Bull Racing are on the same path as Willams & Mclaren have been since their inception. Daniel Ricciardo’s desperate attempts to stay relevant in F1’s obsession with younger drivers. Finally, will we see face masks sport sponsor logos when we resume racing?

Football has had fake fans and fake crowd noise in their TV-only formats. Should Formula 1 follow suit and have fake F1 fans in the stands? Does Formula 1 actually need F1 fan noise in their broadcast? In fact, do you distinctly hear F1 fan noise while watching the sport on TV? We discuss the considerations that might go into making a decision on whether or not to add fake F1 fan noise to Formula 1’s TV broadcast.

Also in this week’s episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, we discuss the impact of Andy Cowell’s departure from Mercedes, Daniel Ricciardo’s positioning in Formula 1 and why it’s necessary for his career and how there’s a limited sale in Formula 1 and most of us might not be invited. Did you know that Red Bull Racing are on the same path as Williams and Mclaren have been since their inception? Finally, will face masks sport sponsor logos once we resume racing in Austria? Tune in!

(Season 2020, Episode 24)

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Here’s what’s in store for you in this episode:

0:00-3:00 – Should Formula 1 add fake F1 fans and fake crowd noise to their TV broadcast? Can you really hear F1 fan noises when you watch Formula 1 on TV?

3:00-6:00 – Btw, did you know that we already have fake overtaking in the sport? Also, look forward to the new TV graphics – the car performance graphic specifically when we resume racing

6:00-9:00 – Mercedes will miss Andy Cowell’s expertise when the new power unit regulations are put in place for the 2026 Formula 1 season. Are stable regulations not of interest to engineers?

9:00-12:00 – There’s a sale in Formula 1 and only a few wealthy people are invited! Williams and Mclaren are politically irrelevant in Formula 1?

12:00-15:00 – Red Bull Racing are on the same path as Williams and Mclaren have been on since their inception – privateer teams relying on strong technical partnerships to succeed in Formula 1

15:00-18:00 – Will Haas buckle under economic pressure and work with Ferrari to promote junior talent from the Ferrari Driver Academy in exchange for moolah or discounts on parts?

18:00-21:00 – We decode Daniel Ricciardo’s positioning and applaud his making it to Forbes’ list of highest paid athletes. Could Daniel Ricciardo be Red Bull Racing’s replacement for Max Verstapen…if the Dutchman deflects?

21:00-24:00 – The Hamliton Commission, Formula 1’s ‘We Race As One’ & Jamie Chadwick’s fortified efforts to become the next female driver in Formula 1

24:00-end – Will face masks show up with sponsor logos? Did you know that Formula E and Formula 1 share the same ancestry?

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