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So I did an FIA, so to say, while uploading this week’s episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast. I uploaded the unedited file (yeah, they passed the draft resolution that included the ‘double points’ in Abu Dhabi!) Just what a boo-boo! I am sure the surprised many who heard the unedited version (some 150 of you!) realized the fun and hard work (of course) that Rishi and I go through each week to bring to you our Formula1 Podcast. (Read: Canadian GP, Just What Formula1 Should Be)

Daniel Ricciardo Wins The 2014 Canadian GP (Courtesy: Red Bull Racing)

Thanks to the 2014 Canadian Grand Prix, we had this episode cross nearly 20mins before some smart editing and packaging that brought the time close to Rishi’s liking. If it were up to me, I would possibly have a live broadcast of my daily thoughts, which many wouldn’t be surprised are about Formula1 mainly.

Jokes apart, below is what is in store for you in this episode:

  • We have a fan question. This time, Mithila Mehta asks if Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is the only circuit named after a former Formula1 driver.
  • 10 more years of enjoying Formula1 in Canada. Now can we race there like 10 times a year please?
  • Ricciardo’s win! Kudos! Congratulations! Can Vettel go quicker?
  • Speed differential between a Mercedes, Sahara Force India and Red Bull Racing
  • Don’t we love Rosberg’s cheeky side! And are his German roots helping him gain more support in the Mercedes camp? (Read: Winning Matters In Formula1, Not Participation)
  • No prizes for guessing which current driver will value the double points scoring system in Abu Dhabi. (Read: Fed Up Of Rule Changes In Formula1)
  • Still Friends #NoProblem
  • Our verdict: Perez vs. Massa clash. Did the FIA get a little too enthusiastic?
  • Should Ferrari quit F1 and race in GP2? (Read: F1 Cars, GP2 Lap Times)
  • Sport is a great equalizer as Marussia would’ve realized it.
  • And what happens when Chilton decides to go racing for a change?
  • Should Formula1 re-think the Friday practice schedules?
  • Red Bull Racing’s ploy to keep Newey away from Ferrari
  • Is selling a stake or sell-out the next step in the lifecycle of Sauber F1 Team?
  • Forza Rossa, who?

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