Is This Daniel Ricciardo's New Podium Trick?


Thanks to the start-line crash at the 2017 Singapore Grand Prix and Lewis Hamilton’s surprise but dominant win, it seems that the world of Formula 1 missed celebrating Daniel Ricciardo’s new podium trick! It was only thanks to a video shared on the Soft Tyres group on Facebook (run by Ajit Devadasson) that I got to see this new trick. Since I love the shoey and what it brings out in the other drivers on the podium with Ricciardo, I hope that we haven’t seen the last of the shoey yet!
I am glad that the FIA hasn’t banned the shoey yet!

I’ve long said that Daniel Ricciardo is the only happy Red Bull Racing driver and his podium celebrations are a testament to it. Here’s hoping that he adds to his count of 7 podiums from this season.
Also, since we’re still talking about the race that was concluded on Sunday and about Ricciardo, here’s an interesting thought that Henrik Norem shared with me. Would Ricciardo have reacted differently, if he were in place of Verstappen? I’ll share our discussion in next week’s episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast. In the meanwhile, you’re welcome to tune in to ‘Do We Need To Blame Anyone For The Singapore Car-nage?‘. 
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