Kimi Raikkonen Finally Wins Something


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Kimi Raikkonen finally won something – the ‘Driver of the Day’ in the Hungarian Grand Prix. Did Max Verstappen’s fans vote for him as a ‘thank you’ gesture for not overtaking their driver again? And of course, we applaud Lewis Hamilton’s perfect race start – one that took him nearly 10 races to master. Not to forget, his ‘international hand gesture’ to a lesser known Esteban Gutierrez. (Read: Will The Real Lewis Hamilton Please Stand Up!)

Nico Rosberg’s third (or fourth?) consecutive date with the FIA Stewards? Did they pull him up three hours after qualifying because they didn’t have better Saturday night plans? We tell why it is brave of Mercedes and Nico Rosberg to extend their contract by two full seasons. Pascal Wehrlein might not be the only one; the news of their extension has upset a hopeful Pastor Maldonado too. (Read: Formula 1 Misses The Legend Of Pastor Maldonado)


Max Verstappen vs. Kimi Raikkonen, yet again. Martin Brundle termed Verstappen’s defence against Raikkonen as ‘junior formulae’ like. Then we wonder why watch Formula 1 if ‘junior formulae’ racing can be this much fun! Also, Formula 1’s ticket sales grew 6% in 2015. That’s also the year Max Verstappen started racing – just saying! (Read: Max Verstappen, Talent Of The Century?)

P7 and applaud for Fernando Alonso’s consistency. Are Mclaren-Honda the best of the rest really? Anyway, who will have the last laugh – Alonso or Vettel? They’ve differed in their bets on Ferrari being THE team to beat Mercedes in the near future. (Read: The Joke Is On Mclaren)

Ferrari’s desperation in wanting to win in Formula 1 shows in their approaching Ross Brawn. We’d love to see them reunite and re-work their magic, but it seems highly unlikely. And will Williams sign Red Bull Racing’s to-be-fired Daniil Kvyat? (Read: Ferrari Were Forced To Re-sign Kimi Raikkonen)

It seems that the FIA tend to get more ridiculous each time we point our their ridiculousness. So its best we leave aside the recent ‘radio rules’ clarification, much like we did so to the ‘elimination based’ qualifying format or the double points system.

Our heart goes out to Bernie Ecclestone’s family in the wake of the news of his mother-in-law (who is by the way younger than him) being kidnapped in Brazil. We try and wonder who these kidnappers could be – on a lighter note only.

Nico Rosberg and Mercedes’ home is the upcoming German Grand Prix. While they will win, will he? We’ve got the second half of the season ahead of us and all to play for. Game on!

(Season 2016, Episode 25)

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