Red Bull Missing Should Worry Max Verstappen

Red Bull Racing are missing! They’ve lost their challenger tags to Ferrari, who in turn have snatched the leaders tag from Mercedes. In this episode, we discuss the Schumacher cousins, the 2nd seat at Red Bull & feel pity for Bottas’ accountant.

Red Bull┬áRacing┬áMissing! In the races after the summer break, Red Bull Racing-Honda has struggled to mount a challenge. They’ve had on-track incidents and penalties marring their progress, but this is the second half of the season – the time when Red Bull Racing are supposed to be at their strongest best. Will the Max Verstappen camp be worried? And after all these years of drama, does one really care who occupies the second seat at Red Bull Racing?

In this week’s episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, we talk about the Schumacher cousins and if both would make it to Formula 1. We discuss reverse grids and how soon before Kevin Magnussen joins Lewis Hamilton’s crusade against use of plastic. Given the lack of clarity around the black-white flag, should the FIA rename it as the grey flag? Finally, it would be a pain to be Valtteri Bottas’ accountant – living in the hope that Mercedes would pay back for playing wingman to Lewis Hamilton. Tune in!

(Season 2019, Episode 36)

Here’s what’s in store for you in this episode:

0:00-3:00: Reverse grids in Formula 1, or not? Lewis Hamilton is worried about his 6th World Champion, should he really?

3:00-6:00: Should the black-white flag be re-introduced as a grey flag? After all, its application seems very grey – to the drivers at least

6:00-9:00: Kevin Magnussen to join Lewis Hamilton’s crusade against the use of plastic? The three stages of Robert Kubica’s career in Formula 1

9:00-12:00: Will we have two Schumachers in Formula 1 in the time to come? A listener, Fabian Wield, has seen David Schumacher race and he tells us who he thinks is the faster of the Schumacher cousins

12:00-15:00: From Red Bull Racing to Red Bull Missing! They’ve just failed to turn up after the summer break. Will Max Verstappen be worriedly looking for drives elsewhere?

15:00-18:00: After repeated uncertainty and drama, do fans really care about the second seat at Red Bull Racing? Did any of you send handwritten letters to Sebastian Vettel?

18:00-21:00: Valtteri Bottas needs an accountant – to keep a track of all pay-backs from Mercedes. Moments in Time with Lucien

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