Max Verstappen Making The Same Mistake As Fernando Alonso?

Our 300th episode! Thank you for sharing our passion and the journey. We discuss Max Verstappen’s bratty media statements – committing the same mistakes as Fernando Alonso, Ferrari chasing the wrong Mercedes team member, why Jacques Villeneuve is always-pissed against Williams and more.

Max Verstappen’s been having fun – more so in his media briefings. And it seems as though his ‘Ferrari are cheating’ comment has cost him a potential drive with the Scuderia in the near future. Let’s hope the young Dutch prodigy doesn’t lock himself out from global car manufacturers who spend millions on their Motorsport programs world over. It’s too early to forget Fernando Alonso and the learnings from his mistakes. Come 2021, could Mclaren-Mercedes be a potential team for Verstappen?

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The second story we talk about is the possibility of Lewis Hamilton joining Ferrari in the future. After all, could he target what the great Michael Schumacher attempted to do and failed? The dream of winning a Formula 1 World Championship title with the two giants of the sport – Ferrari and Mercedes. But above all else, do Ferrari need Toto Wolff more than Lewis Hamilton?

With Which Team Will Max Verstappen Win His F1 World Titles?

Also in this week’s episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, we wonder if Sebastian Vettel will trigger the next big changes in the driver silly season. Why is Jacques Villeneuve always so anti-Williams? We discuss Formula 1’s socialist approach – the financial regulations and why they could be good for the entire ecosystem. Chase Carey’s target of having at least 7 teams challenge for race wins under the new regulations and all the noise around Renault’s possible exit from Formula 1. How many times have they quit Formula 1 only to re-join after a few seasons? Tune in!

(Season 2019, Episode 42)

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  1. Robert Gaczol says:

    So ,what happened with all the mantra that you,if you not cheating you not winning,if you develop $$$ better engine you win

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