2012 Formula1 Podcast: Mercedes In China And Bahrain Too?

RJ Rishi Kapoor and I exchanged GP notes from last weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix and we were totally lost! The action on-track was so fast paced and cars exchanged positions several times a lap that we almost didn’t know what to speak about.

But of course, the 2012 Chinese Grand Prix was all about Nico Rosberg’s maiden Formula1 victory with his Mercedes AMG team. The German team tasted victory in Formula1 in their third year of comeback and a few decades since their last win! Anyway, leaving history aside, the good part of last weekend’s race victory is that we will now finally see Adrian Newey and Ross Brawn battle this season! I hope!

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The Chinese Grand Prix will be remembered for a long time to come. Tyre strategies were crucial and never before has the entire Formula1 field been so close and competitive. At times I was wondering if I was watching a Formula Ford or Formula BMW race where there are more than three cars going abreast in and out of corners.

While the cold track temperatures worked in Rosberg and Mercedes’ favour, the Paddock was surely surprised to see the Mercedes cars control their tyre wear and not go backwards in the race. The other unanswered questions were if Schumacher had the pace for a podium and what if Kimi’s tyres had lasted!

Sticking to Lotus, Grosjean finally finished a race and scored his first ever F1 points. The other team worth mentioning would be WilliamsF1, who had both cars finishing their races in the points. And of course, worth also mentioning that every team and driver barring the new comer teams and Felipe Massa have scored championship points this season! Over to Bahrain…!

Hear our 2012 Formula1 Podcast

In the podcast, we have covered the following:

  • Why Rishi Kapoor and I would be excited to attend the Bahrain GP (He is sponsoring my trip!)
  • Which Mercedes car would win? Schumacher or Rosberg? And also, which Mercedes powered car is in a better position to win?
  • Track temperatures key in Bahrain for tyre degradation? Will the Mercedes AMG team suffer or succeed?
  • Ferrari’s quickest pitstops – we talk more about pitstops and how long it actually takes for a pitstop
  • We I loved Raikkonen’s race in China. Button could’ve won too. Hear why!
  • Vettel, frustrated driver? Will we see the ‘finger’ at all this season?
  • Tyre management, Tyre management and Tyre management – will this be the most discussed topic in the 2012 Formula1 season?
  • Will it be Mercedes in Bahrain? Can Schumacher get better off Rosberg? Will there be empty grandstands in Bahrain? Hear who we place our bets on for the 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix!
  • And the Mugello test, mid-season testing is back so hear more of it on our podcast!

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