2012 Formula1 Podcast: Red Bull Racing Are Champions, Will Vettel Be Champion Too?


Whatta race! Whatta return for Formula1 to America! Whatta drive by Hamilton and even more so, what was Vettel doing blaming Karthikeyan? And did Raikkonen pull off the ‘move of the season’ on Hulkenberg? And how did the Williams drivers manage to have an incident free race and score points? RJ Rishi Kapoor and I go about talking Formula1 in our latest Formula1 Podcast.

Here’s what we spoke: (This is also the 2012 United States Grand Prix Race Report)

  • Lack of grip actually made the 2012 United States GP very exciting. You agree?
  • Hamilton vs Vettel – great racing! Is Narain really to blame?
Red Bull Racing In America (Courtesy: Red Bull Racing)
  • Your ‘Driver of the Day’ in Austin? We try and choose between Massa, Button and Hamilton.
  • Rishi read a ‘no self-respect’ clause in Massa’s contract. Did Ferrari do the right thing though?
  • Schumacher’s W03 was the ‘Safety Car’ in Austin! He just kept going backwards!
  • Raikkonen vs Hulkenberg, whatta move! Best of the season?
  • Which car was the faster one in Austin? Mclaren or Red Bull Racing?
  • And off now to Brazil, with numerous titles decided in Sao Paolo, who will emerge victorious this year?

If I were Ferrari, I would pray for a mad race in Brazil, because when it usually is mad, there is one driver who comes out on top! No prizes for guessing who I am rooting for. And would it help if I told you that chances of rain for the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix are as high as 40%? We are in for yet another nail biting finish!

Hear ‘Withdrawal Symptoms From Formula1‘ as we mourn the end to a spectacular Formula1 season…

  1. Binoy says:

    “With numerous titles decided in Sao Paolo, who will emerge victorious this year?” – Timo Glock.

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