2012 Formula1 Podcast: Tyre War, Testing And Chevrolet


While Formula1 is having some time by itself, in our latest Formula1 Podcast, RJ Rishi Kapoor threatens to go and buy another Formula1 to get some action in August! The BIG fan that he is of the sport and most importantly the 2012 Formula1 season, he really misses the on-track action, much like each of us! And the two of us have kept to our promise of entertaining you during this mid-season break. Here’s what the latest podcast has to offer:

  • Why-oh-why this mid-season break? Why does Formula1 need a break?
  • Does the FIA monitor this mandatory shutdown? How?
  • And of course, what’s the silver lining in this dark cloud for us fans?
  • Tyre war to be back in Formula1? Crucial decision for the sport; hear our thoughts!
2005 US GP (Image Courtesy: Wikipedia)

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And then again, we keep talking about a possible chance for you to meet Michael Schumacher (and a Nico Rosberg!) via the Airtel and Mercedes AMG Petronas partnership for the 2012 Indian Grand Prix! Watch out for their promos!

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