2012 Formula1 Podcast: Vettel, Di Resta And Raikkonen


RJ Rishi Kapoor was so smitted by Kimi Raikkonen’s performance in the 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix that I caught him imitating the ‘Iceman’ minutes before we started recording our latest podcast.

I had to try hard to convince him to retain the imitation as a part of this podcast! While he agreed, this is also what we ended up discussing:

  • A quick look back at the Bahrain Grand Prix
    • Best performance was by the Pirelli rubber?
  • Raikkonen, Grosjean and their podium effort in Bahrain – could Raikkonen have won? Could the Iceman have overtaken Vettel for victory? We think YES! Hear to know WHY!

  • Schumacher said ‘qualifying isn’t as important’, do you think so too? And reality struck Rosberg?
  • He also was critical about the Pirelli tyre – we try and decode what he meant…
  • Was the Bahrain Grand Prix safe? Was it right for Formula1 to go racing there?
  • And Sahara Force India’s invisibility cloak – RJ Rishi Kapoor didn’t admire Harry Potter at work as the FOM Editor in Saturday’s qualifying session
  • But, a great two stopping strategy for Paul Di Resta and his strong 6th place! We celebrate!
  • We try and predict the pecking order again. The easiest was to predict P19 to P24! Hear this podcast to know if you agree with our prediction!
  • And predict the order at the top – we just couldn’t! Can you?
  • Also, Rishi discusses the openings in the Mclaren pit-crew, interested candidates should apply!
  • French GP is back, but it will alternate with the Belgian GP every year (you will agree with Rishi’s reactions!) and possibly more than 20 races in a calendar year!
  • And lastly, we talk about Ecclestone’s ideas of a Grand Slam of Grand Prixs!

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We purposely stay away from predictions for the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix! Why? The ever important mid-season test in Mugello (which is from 1 – 3 May) will hopefully shake up the pecking order further!

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