And That's How The FIA Avoided The Shoey On The Podium



FIA was sneaky in its ways to keep the shoey off the podium. We had an instance where 3 drivers were classified 3rd at least once. Thank you FIA, for embarrassing Formula 1. And thank you (not!) for ensuring the shoey man doesn’t find himself on the podium, during the podium. (The FIA Will Ban The Shoey?)

Daniel Ricciardo’s shoey was missed in Mexico, but is it time for a new party trick? We’re excited to know what it could be and how he’s going to up that game!

The Mexico Grand Prix will be remembered for the FIA’s inconsistent stewardship. One that saw Max Verstappen get penalty for doing a ‘Lewis Hamilton’, even when Hamilton himself didn’t get one. And of course, Sebastian Vettel realised that the only driver who gets away by doing ‘The Verstappen’ is Max Verstappen himself. (FIA Bans ‘The Verstappen’)


What else did this episode teach us? Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso have friends in the FIA, but Sebastian Vettel certainly doesn’t. In fact, after his tirade of abusive, there’s little doubt there. (Hamilton & Verstappen, Formula 1’s Dream Team?)

Should Lewis Hamilton have received a penalty? Probably, yes. Max Verstappen too? If Hamilton did, then yes, if not, then no. But Sebastian Vettel? We think not! Are they over-regulating the sport by trying to curb natural instincts of a racing car driver? But, we expect further sanctions towards Sebastian Vettel for dropping the F-bomb. A race ban? Or something far worse?

Eventually, we hope that Liberty Media realise how bunching the teams up and making them compete impacts the sport. A Verstappen vs. Vettel vs. Ricciardo is exactly what the sport needs, minus the swearing, of course.

Are Hamilton’s start issues a thing of the past? We’ll be glad, if they are. After all, blaming a clutch for losing the Drivers’ Championships sounds very lame. We’ve been talking about Nico Rosberg and his ‘match points’ as we near the end of the 2016 season. But since when did we start calling it a ‘match point’? This isn’t tennis! (Lewis Hamilton, Can He? Will He?)

Is Max Verstappen a threat to Hamilton or Rosberg in the Drivers’ Championship? Are we the only ones fearing that he could crash into either driver in the remaining two races? He almost knocked Rosberg out of the race in Mexico!

After witnessing the Mexico Grand Prix, we are forced to agree with Ecclestone’s idea on building walls to ensure drivers race within track limits. By the way, there must be some coincidence in the fact that Bernie Ecclestone and Donald Trump are both keen to build walls and that too in Mexico! (Why Bernie Ecclestone Backs Donald Trump For President)

Fernando Alonso was rated as ‘the best Formula 1 driver‘ in an impromptu vote between 9 journalists. 8 out of those 9 voted for Alonso, barring one. We investigate who this journalist could be. And finally, will Ross Brawn return to save Formula 1? We certainly hope that he does. Because given the movements in Formula E, we definitely should be considering an Inside Line Formula E Podcast!

Tune in!

(Season 2016, Episode 36)

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  1. jvjb says:

    Thank you again Mithila Mehta and Kunal Shah for this entertaining potcast on F1 in Mexico 2016.
    Apart from all the controversy and post race rambling penalty prizes, aside from justice being done or not, one thing stroke me as odd. Being put under a lot of pressure by the elderly racing gentlemen the FIA invented ‘The Verstappen Rule’ and Max reacted relaxed enough on its announcement. He said: “Everything is clear now for everybody and we will see how this works out in the coming races.”
    In the Netherlands there is a saying that reads: ‘He who digs a hole for someone else will tumble in it himself’. And another one reads: ‘He who sets a trap for the fox will be stricken in the wire’.
    After Seb’s misfortune, being a stout advocate for the Ves.Rule, and being the first to be caught in his own web I wonder who will be next. It is clear that in Formula 1 the racing itself is just a by-product.
    Please keep the good work up.. and oh.. when the unholy time comes that you have to go Electric you will be forced to change your start-and-end-tune.
    Best regards, Jeroen Bons

    1. Kunal Shah says:

      Hahaha! We’re loving your comments and feedback, Jeroen. Thank you 🙂
      The best part of your comment is ‘It is clear that in Formula 1 the racing itself is just a by-product’. At the moment, VES’ quote ‘I am not allowed to race’ makes most sense. It seems that drivers have to race on tracks with rules made for driving on public roads!
      We’re hoping that us moving to Formula E is many a few years away. For some reason, we’re just unable to get ourselves hooked onto the futuristic sport yet…

      1. jvjb says:

        Indeed, it is about time that the rules made for driving on O N E W A Y public roads get/are changed. Preferably in favor of slower cars and lizards.
        Best wishes for many a few years, Jeroen Bons

  2. F1 Lover says:

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  3. jvjb says:

    In my opinion it is worth mentioning that Max Verstappen has set some impressive world records (again) in the Gran Premio de Mexico last weekend.
    Max Verstappen is now the YOUNGEST and FIRST formula one driver NOT to be the FIRST driver to get a PENALTY for the (so called) VERSTAPPEN MOVE.
    He is also now the YOUNGEST and FIRST formula one driver that made, by doing nothing at all, a TEAM PRINCIPAL so exited that he gave misleading information to his driver.
    He is also the now YOUNGEST and FIRST formula one driver that brought about a FOUR-TIMES-CHAMPION to curse himself mentally OFF TRACK in such a way that this champion earned the honour to be the first F1 driver to be penalised for a V-Move.
    He is also now the YOUNGEST and FIRST formula one driver who, by earning a penalty for leaving the track, made one TEAM PRINCIPAL giving congratulations to another TEAM PRINCIPAL which later had to be taken back.
    He is also now the YOUNGEST and FIRST formula one driver who was able to hand over a THIRD PLACE PRIZE that he had won himself to his TEAMMATE.
    In this way Max Verstappen is the first F1 driver that succeeded in collecting FIVE WORLD RECORDS in ONE RACE-WEEKEND.

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