Forget Lewis Hamilton, Ferrari Need Toto Wolff

Ferrari should sign Toto Wolff before eyeing Lewis Hamilton – both are out of contract from 2021. This episode discusses the Wolff-Hamilton partnership and the permutations, combinations and implications of them joining Ferrari. Also in discussion: the career prospects of Lance Stroll should his father purchase Aston Martin.

Ferrari-Lewis Hamilton-Toto Wolff-Mercedes – we wonder how the love quadrangle will eventually settle. At the moment, it is brilliant positive PR for Formula 1 and Ferrari – but more than Lewis Hamilton’s driving skills, Ferrari needs the managerial skills of Toto Wolff. Like Hamilton, Wolff too is out of contract after 2020. As for Ferrari, maybe they need an outsider to lead them back to their days of glory? We question Ferrari’s ‘Team Principal’ theory from the last many seasons. Also, here’s a #LongRead on how the Vettel-Leclerc relationship exploded at Ferrari in 2019.

Also, the FIA finally admit that ‘track design’ is crucial to good Formula 1 races. Zandvoort is taking it upon themselves to try deliver a blockbuster race. Can the other tracks follow suit? Lawrence Stroll is serious about his investments in Motorsport. If he purchases Aston Martin, we discuss the brightened career prospects for Lance Stroll. Will Racing Point be Aston Martin’s works team? Stroll junior partnering Max Verstappen in 2021 at Red Bull Racing may be a bit out of stretch, or is it? Tune in!

(Season 2019, Episode 47)

Here’s what’s in store for you in this episode:

0:00-3:00: Formula 1’s on a break, the Inside Line F1 Podcast isn’t. We will publish all through the summer and winter breaks. The Inside Line F1 Podcast Awards will premiere in the week before Christmas

3:00-6:00: Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari is a fantastic PR story for all stakeholders in the off-season – Ferrari, Mercedes, Hamilton and above all else, Formula 1

6:00-9:00: Does Ferrari need an outsider to manage the team? They’ve had four insiders (Mauricio Arrivabene, well, an almost insider) who have failed miserably in leading the Scuderia to a World Championship

9:00-12:00: Can Ferrari offer Toto Wolff a more lucrative career path than Mercedes? If Hamilton-Wolff’s career moves are linked, could they both join Ferrari come 2021?

12:00-15:00: FIA and Jean Todt finally admit to the importance of ‘track design’ in Formula 1. Zandvoort is leading the way – they’re doing all they can to offer Formula Fun and not Formula Yawn next year. From banked corners to shortest pit-lane to even using a special tarmac

15:00-18:00: Lance Stroll to go from being the most-eliminated driver in Q1 to being a racer for the Aston Martin works team? Or will Aston Martin pressurise Red Bull Racing to have Stroll jr. partner Max Verstappen from 2021?

18:00-21:00: Ferrari’s most expensive fuel purchase for Charles Leclerc to Walter Koster’s return to the Formula 1 press conferences – the end to the 2019 Formula 1 season has been a fun one!

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