Formula1 Podcast: Kimi Raikkonen Returns To Formula1 With Lotus F1 Team

In this Formula1 podcast, RJ Rishi Kapoor and I discuss the return of Kimi Raikkonen. The build-up to Kimi’s comeback and of course the challenges that he will face in the 2012 Formula1 season. Will he also struggle as Schumacher did in his first season? We also discuss what Kimi was up to after his controversial exit from Ferrari.

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Kimi Raikkonen and Lotus F1 Team topics on my blog:

  1. Kimi Raikkonen Makes A Comeback To Formula1 With The Lotus F1 Team
  2. Challenges For Kimi Raikkonen And Lotus F1 Team In The 2012 Formula1 Season
  3. Help Lotus F1 Team Pick A Team Mate For Kimi Raikkonen

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