Mercedes Is The New Red Bull


First, it was Ferrari, followed by Red Bull Racing and now it seems to be the era of domination for Mercedes. Whether the domination is boring or not, depends on where your loyalties lie. For me, they lie with the other Mercedes of Nico Rosberg. So like I said before, I now feel what it is like to have your not so favourite driver dominate.

But I take nothing away from Lewis Hamilton, his talent and his hat-trick of wins. He is doing what Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel did in their days – make the most of his machinery, which is a class apart from the rest yet. And after having beaten Schumacher as his team-mate for three years, Rosberg possibly has found his most uphill Formula1 battle yet. The 2014 Formula1 Season is only going to get more interesting and we are yet to see Red Bull, Ferrari and Mclaren intensify the battles.

2014 Chinese Grand Prix (courtesy: Red Bull)

In the latest episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, we discuss a whole host of topics ranging from Mercedes and Hamilton’s domination, Ferrari and Red Bull Racing playing catchup, Mclaren losing ground and Sahara Force India being the best of the Mercedes customer teams. Here’s what’s in store in our Formula1 Podcast:

  • Four races concluded, what is our conclusion on the new ‘formula’ of Formula1? (Read: Let Us Save Formula1)
  • Why we need Ferrari to do well; wouldn’t we all relish a classic Ferrari vs. Mclaren battle?
  • FIA judged it right with the Red Bull Racing fuel flow issue appeal, but erred in the 2014 Chinese Grand Prix when it came to basic math?
  • Should we do away with the advanced active telemetry systems? Hear our view!
  • In our feature on the business of the sport, should Formula1 learn from the other sports leagues and distribute power and money in a far more fair manner?
  • And lastly, if Mercedes is the new Red Bull Racing, who is Ferrari and where does this leave Mclaren?

The 2014 Spanish Grand Prix is three weeks away and in the next episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, we introduce a new feature on our show called ‘Know Thy Racer’ where we will speak to upcoming motorsport talent from India and other countries.

The first driver on our show is Chennai lad Aditya Patel who can safely be labeled as India’s best tin-top racer. Do tune in next week to hear about Aditya’s progress in the field of motorsport, plans for 2014 and views on the 2014 F1 season.

And if you believe that you need to be featured and your racing talent needs to be spoken about to our audiences, feel free to drop us a mail (or a comment in the section below!). Till then, keep listening, keep racing!

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  1. says:

    It is obviously the Mercedes ahead in this new hybrid era, but we all know it’s only time before we will see others come back to take their place, it’s sport and that’s what makes it interesting.
    Mercedes have the finance at the moment and have recruited all the top technicians and mechanics and drivers, the drivers maybe questionable as putting other F1 drivers in these same cars may have produced better lap times and wins, for me it is the car first that wins races. Mercedes were way ahead in planning for 2014, they were doing this in 2013 so other teams have only themselves to blame on the catch bid.

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