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The first Formula1 break of the 2014 Formula1 Season is upon us and while it gives fans time to ponder whether the new ‘formula’ has been a success or not, Rishi and I decided to take this time to launch a new feature segment on the Inside Line F1 Podcast called ‘Know Thy Racer’.

Ayrton Senna

Formula1 is the pinnacle of motorsport and it is also the most marketed motorsport series globally, but it isn’t the only series in which a talented racing car driver can make a career in. There are multiple series (feeder or not) in single seater, karting and even sportscar racing categories that possibly have far more interesting and unadulterated (non DRS!), less complex (technically!) and louder (noise wise!) racing than Formula1.

In this new feature, we will speak to and showcase upcoming racing talent from India and around the world. Drivers who are young, have the zest and are fighting all odds on and off track (yeah, the sponsorship issues!) to carve their niche and earn themselves a name and more importantly a few championship points and victories.

India’s most famous and experienced tin-top racers Aditya Patel is our first guest on our Formula1 podcast. I have known Aditya since my days (yes, days and not years given how little I raced in comparison!) of racing and he’s succeeded in karts, single-seaters and now in sportscar racing. One of the best memories I have is when I bumped into him in the pit lane back in 2005 (I think!) during one of our Formula LGB races in Chennai, saw his lanky arms and wondered to my dad how he’d manage to turn the steering beyond the third lap! And when the chequered flag was waved, my bulkier arms and I were beaten fair and square!

Aditya Patel

I had earlier spoken to Aditya Patel when his name was announced as one of the probable racers for the now defunct i1 Super Series. You can read that post here: ‘I Want Frentzen As My Team-Mate‘. And of course, we had Nico Rosberg debut on our show last year.

Apart from that, we have our usual Formula1 news, views and humour in the latest episode:

And if you believe that you need to be featured and your racing talent needs to be spoken about to our audiences, feel free to drop us a mail (or a comment in the section below!). Till then, keep listening, keep racing!

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  1. Manohar says:

    that’s a great idea kunal..while people only enjoy the results of big guys, some may find it very interesting to see the potential our young new racers carry.
    during this brake of F1 i didnt think this podcast would be that interesting but actually it turned out to be the most interesting one.
    listening to aditya’a views on F1 was certainly very interesting, also the part of his progress… btw his CNG hybrid was a surprise to me as well 😀
    I have met him twice on track and i have seen him perform in JK Formula BMW cars..and he has great potential.. best of luck for him.

    1. Kunal Shah says:

      Thanks Manohar. Glad you enjoyed the podcast as much. Aditya has much potential and we too will be cheering to see him all the way to the top! Keep Racing!

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