Not Just Sponsors, Fans Want F1 Bodywork Changes Too


Come 2019, Formula 1 cars will adapt existing bodywork to better the visibility of sponsor logos. Whatever happened to fans calling for bodywork changes to increase the racing spectacle! Formula 1, a business first and a sport later?
In this week’s episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, we discuss how fans pay to access Formula 1 too but how our wants to better the sporting spectacle have been long ignored. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the drivers agreed with the fans too. It is only the engineers who are obsessed with aerodynamics – a boon and bane to the sport. If only aerodynamic regulations were as widely discussed by the manufacturer teams as the power unit regulations.


Formula 1 Live Streaming

After years of ignoring the Internet, Formula 1 plans to launch a live streaming service across 5 countries in 2018. Strangely enough, the Great Britain (for the Lewis Hamilton fans) isn’t on the list, nor is Italy (Ferrari). With regards to the live streaming service, in Formula 1’s case, it is about ‘better late, than never!’.


Fernando Alonso Ignored By Mclaren

Mclaren recently formed a Business Advisory Board with an illustrious list of members on that board. However, it was surprising that Fernando Alonso wasn’t on the list of members. Given how Mclaren is going all out and all-broke in an attempt to keep Alonso, I thought that a seat on the B A B would also have been offered. However, if the Mclaren-Renault alliance doesn’t go as planned and hoped, there will soon be a need for a Racing Advisory Board for the Woking team too.

Romain Grosjean’s Formula 1 Target

Grosjean wants to race in Formula 1 till the age of 40! Now, most drivers have a ‘championship target’ before they decide to hang their boots (or helmets in this case), but for Grosjean an age-defined target seems more plausible given the lack of opportunities to score a championship win. Also, podiums and consistent points finishes might help his case more than spins and crashes!
And there’s more in this week’s episode, so go ahead and tune in!
(Season 2018, Episode 2)

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