Airtel Indian Grand Prix Tickets: Which Stand Is The Best?


Airtel confirmed naming rights sponsorship of the Indian Grand Prix a few days back, which means that the Indian Grand Prix will now be called as the Airtel Indian Grand Prix.

The Airtel Indian Grand Prix tickets are scheduled to go live today and there’s already a countdown clock running on one of the official ticketing websites. Good vibes as we enter the two month countdown towards the Indian GP. Indian Formula1 fans have been waiting for these tickets ever since the GP was announced. However, there are a few questions that will be raised once the ticket sales go live: 1) What stand is the best? 2) What is the cost? 3) Which stand offers the best view? (Being the most common!)

Here’s my assumption on what stands could offer the best view. Mind you, the names of the stands are not out yet, so I will use Turn numbers to define them.

The official F1 website doesn’t yet have an image with the grandstands so I have used the image from the JPSI website, which does indicate areas and turns where stands can be expected.

Here’s my pick in order of priority: (which could also be most expensive to least expensive!)

–          International Pit Straight: these grandstands are located exactly opposite the pit straight and you get a good view of the start of the race as well as the pit stops. You will also get a decent view of the cars as they enter into Turn 1 (right hander) and of course when they exit onto the main straight from Turn 16.

–          Turn 3: The stands are located at the exit of Turn 3 and should offer a good view of cars trying to overtake each other.

–          Turn 4: This stand is located all along the outside of Turn 4 and should offer an excellent view of the cars braking to enter the corner from over 300kmph. My assumption also is that the long straight between Turn 3 and 4 should be the DRS zone, which means that a seat in this stand shall guarantee you a view of most overtaking moves!

–          Turns 5, 6, 7 and 8: Here you will see the cars braking into Turn 5 and negotiating the slow to medium speed Turns 6, 7 and 8.

–          Turns 10, 12 and 12: These stands should offer yet another splendid view of F1 cars cornering at medium to high speeds. This section stretches all the way from entry into Turn 10 and exit to Turn 12, however, I don’t think we shall witness much overtaking here.

–          Turn 15: This stand is located on the short straight between Turns 14 and 15. View from here would be in the braking and cornering zone of Turn 15.

–          Turn 16: The image doesn’t reveal much, but should there be a stand here, one could get a view of the cars braking and entering into the last corner of the Buddh International Circuit.

So what’s my suggestion? If you can afford it, go for the one opposite the pit straight. Next best option is the Turn 4 stands followed by Turn 10 and then Turn 3.

Now here’s my disclaimer: I have used this image to assume the stand locations and hence the best view for the Airtel Indian Grand Prix from! I am certain the organizers will disclose more once the tickets go on sale!

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  1. Rishabh says:

    Thanks Kunal.
    It was off great help. Main Grand Stand is 35 k and the east grand stand is 8.5k. I guess, I can afford the latter rt now 🙂

  2. Rishabh says:

    Thanks Kunal.
    It was off great help. Main Grand Stand is 35 k and the east stand is 8.5k. I guess, I can afford the latter rt now 🙂

  3. Sahil says:

    Thanks for the effort. I haven’t seen this done well in the past. The official FIA sites are (understandably) diplomatic about every single seat!
    Any updates? Now that the zones and stand locations have been made available?

    1. Kunal Shah says:

      Hi Yash, I wrote this article before the stand names were disclosed to the public. Map the name of the stands with the turn numbers mentioned in this post and plan your Indian GP trip.

  4. shoaib says:

    .. thanks for the info but it would b nice if you write/draw so that its easier to look at the pic.. otherwise its no use trying to dig our brains .. lol

  5. shoaib says:

    Write or draw the turns, grandstands n the start finish line.. very important .. thanks .. it would b really helpful

    1. Kunal Shah says:

      Shoaib, I tried to get the picture marked in someway or the other, but didn’t work. The long straight indicated starts (from top) from Turn 3 and ends with (at the bottom) at Turn 4. Work the rest clock-wise. Not as complex as it seems.

  6. singarrvel says:

    Hi kunal .I am planning to get the grandstand ticket for 35k. How is the view from there overlooking the pits. Are there any tickets to view the garages in pit lane.

    1. Kunal Shah says:

      Paddock passes are for the team and their guests. Not a part of the grand stand tickets. You could buy a paddock club passes, which is basically hospitality access.

  7. Subir Malik says:

    Hi Kunal,
    Now that the names of the stands etc are out, cld you help me to decide,i went to the Singapore F1, last to last year, but was really disappointed, as the choice of seat was really bad, and i really dunt want tht to happen this time. The 35k tkts – MAIN GRAND STAND WEST , is just above the Classic Stand West ( 6.5 K ). Whats the diff, and i guess these 2 will be the ones frm where we wil se the begining and the ending, and also the Pit lanes ? Do chek the jaypee site – http://www.jaypeesports.com/ , and lemme knw reg the same.
    Appreciate it.

    1. Kunal Shah says:

      Subir, I would recommend the following in order of priority: (Leaving the Main Grand Stands)
      1. North Zone, which cover Turns 1, 2 and 3 (All stands seem good)
      2. East Zone, Long straight from T3 to T4 (Star Stand 1, 2 and 3 East seem good)
      3. South Zone, Turns 10 and 11 (All stands seem good)
      4. West Zone, Turns 15 & 16 (Classic West 1 & 2 seem good)
      Haven’t mapped the cost of the above recommendation, but these should offer a good view of the action.

  8. Animesh says:

    Hey Kunal
    I am planning to buy tickets for Classic west stand 2
    Do you think this stand will provide a good experience comparatively as it is near main stand?

    1. Kunal Shah says:

      Hi Animesh, I wouldn’t be able to exactly point out, but the West Stands (in my humble opinion) aren’t the best stands for a good view of racing. They are located at Turns 14, 15 and 16. I would recommend the North and East over the rest.

    1. Kunal Shah says:

      Siddharth, the corporate boxes typically are above the pit lane, which means opposite the Main Grand Stand. The podium will also be in the same place.

  9. siddharth says:

    Thanks for the info, was jus checking jaypee site for tickets they are not selling permium north stand tickets, do you have info regarding that stand, seems to be next best to the main stand.

  10. Parul says:

    hi Kunal
    thanks for all the info its really helpful. can u suggest whats the corelation between block no.(eg.H) and stand no.(eg. W5) ?

    1. Kunal Shah says:

      Hi Parul, when you check the layout on the official ticketing website, click only on the ‘stands’ rest of the imagery shown is for car / bus and two wheeler parking. Either ways, I haven’t come across a block / stand no. yet. Where did you read that?

  11. Vishal says:

    Hi Kunal,
    I will be traveling to Delhi for the race from Mumbai and have query with regards to traveling. Hope you can help me…
    I will be missing the practice sessions on Friday coz of my official commitments and on 30th morning (Sunday) I will be traveling to Noida for race from Agra and will be in Noida by 1pm by private car.
    We are 4 colleagues traveling from Mumbai for the race so the BIC bus service of Rs. 2400 (600*4) looks expensive considering we may avail for bus service only on Saturday both ways and Sunday for return to Delhi from circuit. Similarly Rs 1500 parking facility also looks expensive because I will have to book a private car for traveling on Saturday which will cost me additional Rs. 1000
    Can you please suggest any cheaper alternative of reaching the track? It seems race organizers are trying to loot people by forcing them to spend on bus service or buy parking tickets. Is there a way to reach track from Noida Metro station viz. rickshaw, cab, etc.?

  12. Vishal says:

    Hi Kunal
    In one of your previous comments you have given your recommendation of stands but again in each pricing slab there are multiple stand options and for each stand you have different view from left to right in terms of block. With different elevation levels it is very difficult to gauge the best stand and block among each. Can you please use your and give your recommendation for each block

  13. Vinod Jacob says:

    “Classic Stand 1 East” is the best since from there you will not only see the cars coming out of turn 4 and go to turn 5, you will also see across turn 16 and cars going into pit lane and also the cars on the start finish line. Iam also not sure if after the race the spectators can cross the track and get to the start-finish line which will be close to this stand.
    Similar view is available in Abu Dhabi GP too.

  14. Tushar Grover says:

    Hey Kunal
    Thanks for all the info.I was plannin to get tickets for one of the picnic stands.which one would you reccomend?the north picnic stand(close to turn 3) or the south picnic stand (close to turns 12).thanks a lot man!

  15. Urooz Virk says:

    Does anyone have any info on the Pit Walk?? is it only available through the Paddock Club??

  16. Gary says:

    Hi, I will be going to the GP this year, anybody able to now advise the best seating after being there? any other comments/ feedback would be helpfull.

  17. gaurav says:


  18. Aastik says:

    Which is better: Classic Stand North (turn 3) or Star Stand 1 east (turn 4) ? PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  19. prateek joshi says:

    Guys best viewing stand is classic stand west 1 at turn 14 and 15 from A block.You might think its weird but just see the map of BIC the location is such that from mid straight along with turn 4 to turn 16 is laid in front of you no restriction in view plus the long loop right hander is on right hand side closest to anyother stand.Its cheap considerably as your paying 6k,the whole point is to watch car as much as possible and from this particular stand you can view 75% of the track.Any queries please follow up on my email mentioned above.

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