Michael's 92nd Victory


The moment that almost every Formula1 fan (a Schumacher one or not) was waiting for finally arrived yesterday. Schumacher’s manager finally released news that the German legend was no longer in coma and was being moved to a rehabilitation centre for further recovery.

As someone who understands media and PR, this piece of news was just that. There is ambiguity in the news, much like the previous public updates, and as one of our listeners Lucien Byfieldt put it, the truth somewhere lies in between these updates!

Michael Schumacher

However, in a week where there’s an overdose of Football news and updates, Formula1 brought Michael Schumacher back to life to bring itself back in focus! No complaints!

So in this week’s episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, we talk about how this piece of news is victory in itself. Yes, there’s no guarantee on the quality of life that Schumacher will live here on, but to us, the best part of the news is that he will live.

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Here’s what else is in store in our Formula1 Podcast:

  • Michael’s 92nd victory and that too on a Monday!
  • Is it only a coincidence that Schumacher timed his ‘coma’ exit in time for the Germany vs. Portugal clash? And a nice gesture by Germany to dedicate their win to him.
  • Talking of exits, can Ferrari really exit Formula1? (Read: Ferrari, Alonso, Raikkonen, 2014 And Beyond)
  • What’ll happen if they do decide to leave the sport?
  • Alonso to Le Mans, is that a possibility? (Read: Alonso And Ferrari Had No Option But Renew Till 2016)
  • Newey to sailing, Vettel will go where?
  • Maldonado calls the E22 a ‘real raze-r’!?
  • And after 11 years, the A1 Ring makes a comeback as the Red Bull Ring! (Read: A1 Ring To Red Bull Ring)
  • Our best memories of the A1 Ring includes those with Schumacher, Barrichello and Montoya! Hear!
  • Predictions?

AND this is where we love the love from our listeners. Upon hearing Michael Schumacher’s exit from coma, Mr. Oberoi landed up with a box of Indian sweets (gulab jamuns) for Rishi Kapoor!! Thank you, thank you and thank you!

Listener Mr. Oberoi visited Rishi Kapoor with Indian sweets

Mercedes had their hybrid power unit encounter issues last weekend in Canada. Should the issue arise again, there’ll be chance for a Red Bull Racing or another Constructor to score a surprise win. If not, Red Bull Racing could well be renamed to Mercedes Ring this weekend.

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  1. Sujith says:

    Pissed at Redbull for renaming The Niki Lauda corner (turn 6) to “Pirelli”. I understand the need to please the sponsors, why take a Legend’s name out.
    They could have renamed any other corner. Is this an ego problem? As in Niki being the chairman of the Mercedes team that’s beating them?

    1. Kunal Shah says:

      True Sujith, I somewhere share the same feelings. Not the best way to treat a legend of the sport. And maybe the Mercedes connect it could be. And on the other hand of course, Red Bull has bought the track for commercial purposes and if a sponsor has paid for the naming of that corner, why not. F1 is all about money anyway!

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