2012 Formula1 Podcast: Maldonado, Schumacher, Senna And Penalties


I caught up with a dejected RJ Rishi Kapoor last night and recorded our 2012 Spanish Grand Prix podcast. While I was rejoicing a Williams win, Rishi was dejected that a Williams brought about Schumacher’s retirement!

A quick look on what we discussed in our podcast:

  • Maldonado’s first ever Formula1 victory! Were we expecting it, ever? Were you expecting it, ever? This is the special feature on the podcast where I make an honest confession.
  • Maldonado – Alonso and their on-track battle, we speak about the start and his defense towards the end!
  • And we spoke about Alonso’s improved pace in his ‘Ferr-auber’ (Rishi claims he overheard a conversation between Sauber and the Italian mafia)

  • Vettel and Massa’s penalty – do you know why were they penalized? We are still puzzled!
  • A Schumacher – Senna clash makes headlines after nearly two decades! Hear our view on their clash!
  • Lotus going too conservative on their tyre strategy? We possibly missed an Alonso vs Raikkonen battle in Barcelona
  • Mclaren’s pit errors continue; we believe that they’re just jinxed! Brain fade? I think so!
  • Is this turning out to be a ‘tyres’ championship more than a ‘drivers’ championship?

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‘Expect the unexpected’ as Christian Horner rightly said, that is what will exactly be at the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix. Until next week…!

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