Gillette Mclaren Honda


Mclaren is in trouble. On track, and off it! Or so we think! After failing to compete at the front end of the grid in the 2014 Formula1 Season, the team from Woking will start the 2015 Formula1 Season minus a ‘title sponsor’ (yes, their second season minus some really big bucks!). And while the team and fans (Alonso too!) hope that the Honda partnership will bring success, immediate or otherwise, Rishi and I offer help to solve their off-track issues – that of signing up a title sponsor! (But that doesn’t stop me from saying ‘Thank you Mclaren’)

Gillette Mclaren Honda

After a super successful episode of our 2015 Inside Line F1 Podcast Awards, Rishi and I met earlier in the week to record our latest episode – Gillette Mclaren Honda. Apart from Mclaren’s obvious sponsorship opportunity with Gillette, we talk about the FIA Super License System and how it is a step in the right direction but in the need of much evolution in the months to come. And we also throw some light on how some series and their importance in the ‘ladder to F1’ has almost been eliminated via this new system.

Lastly, Formula1 fans narrowly missed the exciting pairing of Alonso and Hulkenberg at Ferrari after Kimi Raikkonen poked his ice creamy nose and took away The Hulk’s scarlet opportunity. And this time, thanks to Honda, did we miss yet another Alonso-Hulkenberg pairing with Porsche? Oh these automobile brands, they do know how to spoil some fun, on track and off it! (Read: The Ferrari, Alonso, Raikkonen and Hulkenberg Puzzle)

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