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So it seems that Lewis Hamilton has finally dealt with the ‘Nico and Nico-le’ in his life post the controversy at the 2014 Monaco Grand Prix (Read: Did Rosberg Do A Schumacher?). I think I have bashed Hamilton’s off-track attitude a little too much in the last few months, on my Formula1 blog and the Formula1 podcast! And now I think he’s going to bash the rest fair and square on-track in the 2014 Canadian Grand Prix. If he does so, he will be the only driver on the current grid to have won in Montreal more than once.

Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton (Courtesy: Google)

However, will Monaco ever be forgotten? The 2014 Drivers’ Championship will be closely contested and could go down to the wire and IF it is eventually decided by a few points only, then possibly Rosberg’s controversial (or not!) escape may not be. But does this mean that a qualifying rule change should be discussed? Lewis was wronged, it cost him a legitimate final attempt at pole position; can and should the FIA do anything about it? (Read: Against Mid-Season Rule Changes)

And here’s what else is in store for you in this week’s episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast:

  • ‘Still Friends #NoProblem’, should we take Hamilton’s tweet at face value, or is this yet another PR talk from the Mercedes machinery? (Read: Team Orders And PR Talk)
  • Would Ross Brawn have handled the Rosberg vs. Hamilton issue better? (Read: From Friends To Colleagues)
  • Whether Rosberg’s act was deliberate or not, Lewis was wronged; can a ruling be put in place to avoid such a sporting loss in the future?
  • Do we miss the previous qualifying format? 1 hour, 12 laps for everyone? What’s your view?
  • Marquez is the Vettel of the MotoGP! And he wants to ‘try’ Formula1, which team will he choose? Red Bull Racing or Mclaren-Honda?
  • Which Renault powered driver will be the first to run out of engines in the 2014 Formula1 Season?
  • Will Red Bull Racing actually ‘bill’ Renault for loss of revenue? Now that’ll be a first! (Read: Mercedes is the new Red Bull)
  • ‘Wall of Champions’ will stop being called that if Pastor Maldonado is in form.
  • Predictions?

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  1. Sujith says:

    Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen seem to be the only F1 world champions on the grid that have not hit the wall of champions. Correct me if I am wrong folks. It is just a guess 🙂

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