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Red Bull Racing missed their best chance yet of the 2014 Formula1 Season to stop the Mercedes dominance. But Nico Rosberg didn’t! And strangely, I am yet to come to terms with a distraught Hamilton’s comments and reactions. I wonder how he deals with Nico and Nico-le in his life on and off track. (Read: Someone Please Fight Back)

I also wonder if pressure got the better of Rosberg as erred on his final qualifying attempt. One too many in the season already? And would Hamilton be grumpier if he had the Ferraris, Mclarens and Red Bulls to fight too? I mean we do seem to have two former World Champions whining a lot of late. Alonso, I empathise with, Hamilton, I don’t. (Read: From Friends To Colleagues)

Lewis Hamilton & Nico Rosberg (courtesy: Google)

In the latest episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, we look back at the 2014 Monaco Grand Prix and we overlook the growing tension in the Mercedes camp and focus on Bianchi’s spectacular drive for Marussia and Adrian Sutil’s mastery of possibly the slowest corner in Formula1. And here’s what else is in store in our Formula1 Podcast:

  • Hamilton’s plight; dealing with a Nico and a Nico-le! #Sigh
  • And a thank you to Hamilton for substantiating our claim!
  • Ferrari let Kvyat and Vergne down? And Alonso too?
  • Much like Sutil possibly let his fans and Sauber down.
  • But Bianchi did exactly the opposite. Kudos!
  • We rarely get to do this, so we discuss Bianchi’s future in Formula1.
  • And we always discuss Maldonado’s future; is the pay driver’s nightmarish run coming to and end?
  • Raikkonen’s rotten luck, double #Sigh
  • Formula E seats for Chandhok and Senna! (Read: Mahindra Racing and Formula E)

Fans believe and somewhere I do too, that the equation will tilt back towards Hamilton as we visit Canada. But I am not entirely convinced. And I say this after seeing Hamilton’s reactions to Rosberg’s cheekiness in Monaco. Is Rosberg mentally stronger and calmer? Difficult to tell, but surely Rosberg is more fun to listen to even when he finishes second! I am certain there’s some absolute PR talk in the Hamilton-Rosberg rivalry and the other is more than what meets your eye and mine!

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